Best Arepa Maker

by on December 31, 2011

The best arepa maker is one of the best tools to have in your home if you love this Spanish, Columbian or Venezuelan treat. Selecting one means knowing what to look for. In order to create the slightly crisp outside and the flavor you are after, you will need to choose a machine designed specifically for this task. While other products are similar in the way they work, the special design of these makers allows them to make the tempting treat you enjoy. For that doughy goodness that you love, know what to look for when buying an arepa maker.

Not many manufacturers in the United States produce these makers. They are often sold locally in countries where the treats are made, though in the traditional manner they are made by hand. Nevertheless, for those who want an opportunity to enjoy them in a fast, convenient way, these are the best arepa makers available.

Imusa Arepa Maker

The Imusa Arepa Maker is the best option easily. It is convenient to use, well made and creates a quality-finished product. It has a nice, cool touch housing which allows you to avoid burning yourself. It is in a similar fashion to a waffle maker in that you open the two-sided device up, place your arepa dough into one of the portioned positions and close it. It heats from the top platform and the bottom perfectly to cook your arepa without burning it or overcooking it. This model also has an indicator light that tells you when your arepa is ready. The cooking plates have a non-stick covering. This makes for no sticking when you open up the maker. It also makes it very easy to clean. To store the maker, simply stand it upright on its back and tuck away. You can buy it here for only about $40 with free shipping.

Nordic Ware Danish Ebleskiver Pan

This is not necessarily an arepa maker, but it makes something very similar. This type of dough ball is similar to that of the arepa. You can use your arepa recipe in this device and have no problem with a fantastic finished product. This is a different style, though. Rather than a device with two sides, this is more of a pan, like that which you would create a pancake on. However, it does offer more of the traditional cooking method that arepas are made with. The pan has seven locations that are 2 ¼ inch wide. Place each of your dough balls here and allow to cook individually. It is easy to wash and maintain. It also has the cast aluminum material that makes it produce a nice, even heating. You can buy it here for less than $30.

When buying the best arepa maker, you can consider the options available to you here. However, you can also check local specialty food stores to find other models imported from South America or Spain. These makers are fun to have at home and they are easy to use. If you love this tasty treat, having the right maker is critical to getting the right texture and consistency.


Choosing an Arepa Maker Machine

Arepa Maker

by on May 19, 2010

If you’re looking to buy an electric arepa maker (or a tradition one) this post will help you.

Here are the best arepa makers at the cheapest price I’ve seen: this one is good and this one is also good. (Plus you get free shipping on them)

Now on to how to make the very tastiest arepa. First, you have to make the dough. To do this you use corn/maize gains and are soaked and ground. The best thing to do these days is to just buy pre made arepa cornmeal/flour. You usually will mix with butter or oil and some eggs or milk.

You may wish to fry your arepas on the stove top or you can get an electric arepa maker. Electric arepa makers are really easy to use and then you don’t have to do them by hand on the griddle. The machines come in different sizes so that you can choose what size arepa you want to make.

You’ll want to buy an arepa maker that comes with an adjustable heat sensor so that you can change the heat you use (from low to high) so that it can be the perfect color and cripiness.

Plus, with arepa maker machines you can make other things. Some people use the machines to make mini burgers, meatballs, cornbread muffins, and even Eggs!

The maker will allow you to make up to 7 arepas at a time in just a matter of minutes (from 5 to 10 minutes is recommended). Some people like this Columbian cookbook which provides tasty recipes.

Here’s my favorite arepa recipe to make in your arepa maker.

Arepa Maker Recipe

  • Pre-cooked cornmeal/ Arepa Flour — 4 cups
  • Salt — 1 teaspoon
  • Boiling water — 6 cups
  • Oil — 6 tablespoons (vegetable is best)

Then just mix it all up in a bowl and pour it into your new electric arepa maker. (Or if you’re waiting for it to arrive in the mail you can cook it on the griddle.  Hope you enjoy!